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Unirima, National Union of Companies Recovery and Recycling Paper, is an autonomous Association born from the merger of Unionmaceri and Federmacero to give a unitary voice, promote and repre- sent the two souls of the sector, such as “paper recovery/recycling plants” and “recovered paper dealers” to support opportunities of aggregation of division.

With 90% of associated companies by volumes managed on a total of about 6.6 million tons of recycled paper, Unirima is the main and largest italian federation in this industrial sector and the- refore is a reference point for this historical sector of the italian “green” industry and main inter- locutor in relations with institutions, public and private entities both national and international.

Unirima is present at the most important institutional tables:

  • has its representatives on the board of directors of Comieco National Consortium for the Recovery and Recycling of Cellulose-based Packaging;
  • is a UNI member and member of the “paper” technical commission;
  • participates with representatives of the sector in the paper and cardboard price commission of the Milan CCIAA;
  • has been part of the treaty delegation for the new Anci-Comieco 2020-2025 technical annex and is present in the working groups of the consortium, in particular on the national agreement the processing of paper and cardboard and for the application of the paper technical annex;
  • participates in the states general of the Environment Ministry consortiums;
  • is part of the coordination table on barriers of access to the market of the Ministry of Foreign;
  • regularly meets the camera and senate environment committees, as well as the parliamentary inquiry committee on the waste cycle and illegal activities related to it, through formal and informal hearings;
  • is present at the main events of the sector and supports events that interest our category;
  • is part of the European committee CEN TC 172 / wg2 “paper and board for recycling” of CEN and ISO.
  • it is part of the European Paper Recycling Council – ERPC;
  • takes part directly with its representatives in all institutional tables of interest in the recovery/recycling sector.
  • Unirima is the only italian member association of ERPA-european recovered paper association, branch of EuRIC - European Recycling Industries’ Confederation to which Unirima adheres. Through this direct participation, also in the environmental regulatory affairs (era/euric), Unirima represents the interests of the sector and qualifies their image with the european union and other international institutions.

    To Unirima associated companies

    • Information through circulars, documents, analysis of regulatory updates, initiatives and de- cisions of institutions both national and community level;
    • provides assistance on sectors relating to the management of municipal and special waste;
    • prepares opinions and intervenes in adiuvandum in support of companies on specific questions;
    • promotes and activates technical working groups, in-depth and update tables, sector studies;
    • guarantees participation in institutional tables and working groups for the formulation of proposals and associative positions in order to measures of interest for the sector;
    • send publications, reports, studies, research and confidential notes to associates;
    • organizes and promotes conferences and seminars on topics of current or interest for the represented sectors.
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